My ex didn't say happy birthday to me?

We were 3 years together and he broke up with me 3 months ago. We stayed on good terms, we see each other couple of times a week. Last time we hanged out was Monday and everything was cool.
But today is my birthday (and he knows it is) and he didn't even call me. I see he is online on Skype. What the fuck? Should I ask him if he's mad at me or something?


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  • Considering he's your ex and I'm assuming you're not over him then don't, he probs doesn't care for you anymore

    • I guess I just want to know if he is mad and not doing it for a reason or he actually forgot... If on purpose then I just want to delete him from my life completely.

    • If you're going to remove him from your life ask him, it won't be awkward if he says he's mad as you won't care and would have moved on if you've removed him from your life

  • Why would he you broke up for a reason

    • So it's cool to hang out but it's not to wish happy birthdays?

    • Probably he was just hanging out with you to make you feel better. Being friends after breakup is unrealistic in my opinion no matter what people say

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