Told her I don't want to talk to her anymore?

So I tell my ex who broke up with me a couple weeks ago after seeing her yesterday that I don't know if we should talk anymore because it hurts too much. Partly because seeing her for the first time in 3 weeks when we go out to dinner she kept talking about all the guys she is hanging out with. Then kept telling me how hot all the waitresses are saying I should talk to them or whatever. I kept trying to get off that and said yeah whatever no thanks. She just said later that she was just joking.

Anyways I tell her this when I am dropping her off at her house. Then she starts like shaking and crying and said okay if that's how you feel. I don't understand she broke up with me and wants me around? She said after a month she will figure out what she wants and go from there. I just don't like waiting around for no guarantee. I love her and it's hard but she gives me mixed signals. Anyways I broke down because she was crying and said I didn't mean it I still want to talk. Then things cooled down but now I don't know what to do I keep getting weird mixed signals.


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  • Dude, stick to your guns. It's shit like that that probably made her breakup with you. How can a woman respect a man who flip flops on his decisions and hurts her feelings in the process?

    If you think a total separation from her is in your best interest (as you clearly did before flip flopping), then have the conviction in your choices to stick with it and see it through.

    And she didn't give you mixed signals. She broke up with you, but wants to be friends only. Clearly that isn't good for you, so you shouldn't accept her terms.

    Man up, break it off with her (yes, you are going to make her cry again... unfortunately, you have to have a little courage and stick with a choice), and let both of you start the process of healing and moving on.


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  • man... u should go back 2 her... u broke her heart somehow :/


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