Tell me what to do about his ex

i just don't like it.

i find it so hard to deal with.

them being best friends an all

I'm friend with my ex's but I've never kissed them after we broke up but he kissed his.

and when ever I see her post a comment on his wall now I get really jealous and upset. she shares a history with him (a years worth) and I'm just the new girl who he'll get bored with. they kissed right at the beginning of our thing starting out, I've already posted a question about the trust thing, but I wanna know MEN! WHAT SHOULD I DO?!

should I just try and put it out of my mind (she's away in uni now, but they still talk all the time and it;s upsetting)

or what should I do?

i don't wanna tell him not to talk to her anymore, because he says, as he has many times, she's one of his best friends

(even though they only made up recently because they broke up on bad terms... yes that's when they kissed) but it's really upsetting. he says he regrets it because it hurt me but I'm still like AHHHH

i just feel really stupid for feel jealous of their history and friendship... they get along so well :'(


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  • If there was a short time of breakup before he got together with you then there is a possibilty of a relapse. For instance my friend was having an affair with this guy for 3 months. He ended it with her because he was still married. Well after 6 months the guy split with his wife because it was not working out and moved in with my friend. The guy divorced his wife and everything seemed fine. Well wrong! He was still having sex with her after. So my friend kicked him out and said hey you need time to get over your relationship or you need to choose. He left the state for 6 months and delt with his divorce. He came back and choose my friend.


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  • You should just talk to him and let him know how you feel about the whole thing. Tell him you feel that its upsetting to see him talk to her all the time and what the history between them represents. Tell him that you don't want him and her to stop talking or do anything drastic of that nature but to promise you that they are just friends and nothing else. Your jelousy is normal so don't feel bad about that, so plain and simple don't ask him to change his relationship with her(its his friend not yours) and ask him to promise you that he sees her as just a friend.

    Good Luck


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  • You can't feel stupid for feeling jealous, it's natural. I think most everyone would be if they were in your situation. Of course, telling him not to talk to her would only make things bad between the two of you, you just have to trust him until he gives you a reason not to. There is always going to be that girl from the past, you have to try to look past her. He picked you, he wants to be with you, you didn't have to convince him to stay, he did it voluntarily. Obviously they didn't last since you have him now and if he wants to be friends with her you should be okay with that because she has the flaws and the things that he didn't want in a girl. Don't be upset and don't try to influence him not to talk to her. Everything works itself out and if you show that you're jealous, that would probably upset him. They're probably going to be friends for a while and you can't let the fact that they have a past drive you crazy. You'll have a past in time, that's all it takes (:


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