Tell me what to do about his ex

i just don't like it.

i find it so hard to deal with.

them being best friends an all

I'm friend with my ex's but I've never kissed them after we broke up but he kissed his.

and when ever I see her post a comment on his wall now I get really jealous and upset. she shares a history with him (a years worth) and I'm just the new girl who he'll get bored with. they kissed right at the beginning of our thing starting out, I've already posted a question about the trust thing, but I wanna know MEN! WHAT SHOULD I DO?!

should I just try and put it out of my mind (she's away in uni now, but they still talk all the time and it;s upsetting)

or what should I do?

i don't wanna tell him not to talk to her anymore, because he says, as he has many times, she's one of his best friends

(even though they only made up recently because they broke up on bad terms... yes that's when they kissed) but it's really upsetting. he says he regrets it because it hurt me but I'm still like AHHHH

i just feel really stupid for feel jealous of their history and friendship... they get along so well :'(
Tell me what to do about his ex
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