Having a bestfriend that is the opposite sex Am I overreacting?

My new boyfriend is going away for 3 days with his bestfriend. The big problem is which I only found out is that his best friend is a girl. They will be sharing the same room. I just don't believe you can have such a close relationship with the opposite sex without one of you developing feelings. Should I talk to him? I don't expect him to choose but I feel like walking away from the relationship because I hate feeling this insecure.
I really do like him but my head is all over the place now. Is there anyone that has been in this position that can give me advice?
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Thank you for the advice I think its best if I end the relationship. I am really uncomfortable with his friendship and I'm not going to put myself in that situation.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I would talk to him about it, but for me it would depend on how long they've been friends, and if they have a history together. If they are friends but used to date, that would be a bigger concern. If they have only been 'best friends' for a year or something, that's a concern. But if they've been friends for a decade, and have never hooked up before, they are most likely not going to hook up now. And if he was going to hook up with her now, there isn't anything that would stop him hooking up with her when he is at home either. A new friendship and he may simply not have had an opportunity. 5 years? 10 years? He would have had that opportunity already. What he did with that opportunity would be the key.

    • I didn't even know about this girl until last week. So I have no idea if they have ever slept together and that's what making me so uncomfortable. I thought he was going away with a male friend until I saw something on fb she tagged him in something about it. So I had to ask him about. We are only dating about 2 months and we've spent mostly of our time together. Its only now we're starting to introduce our friends to each other.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Honestly I would of lost it the minute he send staying in the same room. I am the same as u, I don't believe that you can be so close to someone and have no sexual attraction. I would ask him to stop the friendship with her tbh. If he cares about you he will do it and if he doesn't just forget about him.

    • I really don't think he will end the friendship they are really close. Maybe its just better for my own peace of mind to break up with him.

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What Guys Said 2

  • I would talk to him about it - That friendship is a bit too close.

  • they r friends... wot makes u feel afraid?

    • Because I just don't believe you can be that close to each other and not have something happen. And the fact that its a brand new relationship the last thing I wanted was my boyfriend sharing a room with another girl.

What Girls Said 3

  • my boyfriends been best friends with this girl i'm pretty good friends with for at least 8 years now. i trust him enough to know he's telling me the truth that they never did shit and i trust her as well. talk to him about it but if you feel like you should end the relationship thats probably for the best. you shouldn't feel insecure in a relationship.

  • My friend has a guy best friend, and she only has sibling like feelings towards him, and he only has sibling like feelings towards her. I know cuz we've talked. But, I also know this couple that was best friends and they started liking eachother. So it really depends.

  • talk to him about it.


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