guys, i need advice on my ex boyfriend what should i do?

well i though my ex broke up with me but it was some girl and she was jealous and told me that he wanted to break up with me and told him i wanted to break up with him. i found that out but thought it was to late to say anything and never lost feelings for him. he has only had 2 girlfriends since then but they hadn't even lasted a week and it has been about a year since we broke up. some guys in my class where talking about how he had always been so depressed since we broke up, i had even asked him back out between then and he always never answers. well he asked me why we even broke up and i finally just explained it all to him about the lie from the girl and he said he never lost feelings for me and he still likes me and how he didn't know thats what happened or he would have said yes when i asked him out (he had been flirting with me even after we broke up we still talked and such). so im wondering wether or not to beleive what he says, im a girl so i dont understand a guys side of this situation so, guy help please i need advice on this badly.


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  • if he let some jealous girl cause you to break up hmmm there's something wrong there.

    • Yea But He didn't Know It Was Her Is What He Said But Then Again I don't know.

  • if he is a free guy now... would u like gettin back to him?

    • Yes He is Single And I Would Love Getting Back With Him

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