What's a funny line to end things?

So this girl has been screwing me around a bit for the past month and I am usually a pretty understanding easy going guy BUT this is just unacceptable in my eyes to toy with emotions SO, what is a funny one liner or something that I can send to her to tell her its over.
These could be quotes, song lyrics whatever just send them my way.


Most Helpful Girl

  • i dont think she'll get the point if you send her a funny one-liner

    • Well its got to be something like "Im done, I knew you were trouble when you walked in"

      It's okay if she does not understand, I am sure one day she will chime in

Most Helpful Guy

  • Ask if she wants a relationship (which I doubt because she's toying with you) and when she says "no" tell her to screw off then. When she gets all offended tell her she's not being very sensitive of your emotions so why should you be of her's?

    Although telling her to quit it the ignoring her if she doesn't from then on would probably do the trick alone.

    • I want something more whitty, something I can look back on and be like "haha that was great". If I did the screw off thing to her I would just look like an ass I think

    • She is kinda of being one herself by toying with you're emotions but you could heed uncle Markiplier's words: "f you in the a, and have a lovely day". Sorry I'm not the best at this, when I remove someone negative from my life I'm very direct about it and let them know I think they're an idiot and waste of time to me.

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  • I'm out beaaaach!


What Guys Said 2

  • I'm going to scramble your sister's ovaries like it's breakfast at Denny's bitch.

    • holy crap I totally would too! every single one of her sisters

    • Perfect ammunition. I took a stab in the dark if she had a sister or not... hahahahaha

    • heh that would be quite the shot fired but I don't think I could be so bold. Her family is pretty nice so I don't want to look like an asshole. The last thing you want in a situation like this is for them to think they actually had a reason to dismiss you, that way they keep on doing it and say "all guys are assholes"

  • Hahhhahahahhahahhhhaa

    Guess this... a nice laugh


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