How to get over an Ex-Boyfriend?

I want to get over my ex by this 2 weeks of school holiday. It really hard because we are the same class and we always see each other at class. I need advice how to get over him by this 2 weeks. I know the times is short because is only 14 days but I really need to get over him and my feeling for him gone completely only take him as one of my classmates.
Please give me your advice, Thank You.


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  • Remember all the BAD times, forget all the GOOD times.


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  • It may not be so easy to just turn off your feelings like a machine here, dear. We are talking about your heart that Has... feelings and not knobbies.
    However, with his that, no contact and a good '2 weeks of school holiday,' I can tell you that you would have time to do some soul searching, began your beguine of licking your war wounds and would have become better healed in mind and in body so that when you return... it would have made seeing him a tad bit easier and you then... stronger to see him every day and Each day thence after as... one of my classmates.
    Good luck. xx


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  • i watched lots of films about break up and moving on and i went out with my friends and tried not to think about him at all. i think the best thing i did was focusing on all his bad points and forgetting all the good things about him (so i focused on how annoying he is and forgot about the way he smiles at me) also, i avoided him as much as i could. oh and getting interested in other boys help too ( i got a new boyfriend thats completely opposite to my ex)


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