Guys, if you have been dating someone but lost interest lately, do you break up by...*refer to poll?

  • Stop contact suddenly. No texting or phone calls.
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  • Tell her nicely about it on the phone
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  • Tell her in person after coffee
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  • Stop contact suddenly. based on experience. Many woman also do to me.

    • Don't you think you owe them the truth to say I'm not interested anymore?

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    • Ok filler filler

    • Thanks for MHO.

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What Guys Said 4

  • No, months after my ex started tearing down my ego and compared me to others fiancĂ©es and husbands, I started noticing little flaws in her appearance and character, but I tried because I loved her dearly, she asked for a break and immediately started dating someone else she was flirting with 2 months prior to the break. She said it was to figure some things out about is in the new transition, her new apartment, right before the break she wrote me the sweetest letter too about how she needs and wants to change how she had been treating me. She told me when we made it official that I didn't try and that she had been seeing someone else she had been talking to since the holidays, about a month or two before the break. I tried getting passed the mistreatment because a year and a half meant something to me. She laughed when she apologized. But the thing is, how is someone who doubts a little call it quits and think that they are going to have a lifelong relationship? I can't dump someone just because I lose interest, that is a short fad, there has got to be something more to it. I was blind, it should have ended months before either of us would do anything wrong to each other, we'd lost a friendship, if it ends because of interest, it will be the same. But either choices from the polls is lacking that person respect. Break ups should be in person and honest... And private.

  • If you really want a dude to take it do it after sex i'd say it more subtle though

  • I'd probably stop calling because telling them directly sounds mean to me.

  • God, people discard each other so fucking disgustingly easy today.

    In the spirit of treating people like dispensible trash, I'd vote A


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