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I don't know... i just went through rejection from a girl I truly loved. It hurts so much... just need some sympathy I guess...


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  • Cheer up, sweetie, do not let this One get you down. There are plenty of fish out in the sea better for thee and the way to look at it... you were the one too good for her.
    It wasn't in God's plan here, dear, it wasn't in the cards. i realize now your heart may be broken but with time, this heals all wounds and In time... someone will come along who is much better suited for a guy with a heart of gold and lots of love that it holds.
    Good luck. xx

    • thank you, that really means a lot

    • You are so welcome, sweetie, and glad to have helped.. thank you for allowing me to and thank you for making my day, as they say... take the weekend for you and focus on You now.. everything will be fine. xxoo

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  • I'm very sorry to hear that , I rejected a guy I loved because I was scared , then when I finally told him how I felt I've been cut off

    Guess karma is a big bit@h

    Karma 1 - me 0

    Sucks I feel your pain I really do you're not the only one take relif from that.

  • That person doesn't know what they're missing out on. ❤

  • I'm sorry that you're hurt, that's a horrible thing to go through :(

    You should take some time, eat comfort food, cry as much as you need to, talk to someone you're close to about it; you won't feel this bad forever <3



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  • Man up and deal with it. That was just 1 fish out of a billion

    • at what point in posting this did you think it would make things better? People are so rude sometimes...

    • Because I experienced the same thing as you a few years ago. Worrying about it will only make it worse

  • You'll get over it in time, just do whatever it takes to keep your mind off it

    • i know i'll get over it, it just hurts a lot right now...

    • Do you have anything to keep your mind occupied like hang out with your friends or something

    • yeah i do, but i don't really feel like doing any of that though...

  • deal with it bite the bullet