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My boyfriend and I were together for a couple of months before my parents forced me to break up with him. They were concerned that my boyfriend was taking up too much of my time at school and did not want me to be serious about anything other than my school work. So unfortunately when I came home for the summer I was forced to break up with my boyfriend by my parents. My boyfriend (well ex boyfriend) and I communicate everyday and have plans to get back together when I go back in August for the school year. So we are technically on a break. I know that my ex boyfriend has hooked up with one girl and I am worried about him hooking up with other girls during the summer. He is technically single and still talks to me everyday but I am not a fan of him seeing other girls. I have tried to talk to him about it and he says that he is single and doesn't seem the problem with it since my parents made us break up and I live several states away. Was a break a smart idea or should I have broke. Up with him?


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  • It's your own fault for listening to your parents and not doing what you want. So you can't blame him for hooking up with other girls because you guys are on a break of your choosing. You could have easily lied to your parents and said you broke up, or you could have actually broken up with him.

    If you still want to be with him then stay on the break, but it's unfair to ask him not to hook up with other girls. It was unfair to him when you guys went on break because that's what your parents wanted. He respected your decision, you should be able to respect his as well.

    • So what would you suggest? I don't want to lose him but I also don't want him to talk to other girls

    • Then you get back together, that simple. If you can't do that then you need to wait patiently for your break to be over. All of this resulted from your own actions because you listened to your parents instead of yourself.

      Nothing wrong with listening to your parents and respecting them, but don't go complaining about your boyfriend hooking up with other girls because you're on a break. What did you expect the guy to do, wait around for your parents to give you the green light to date him again?

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  • you should have just broken up with him.


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