Should I text my ex by via facebook?

Cause, a part of me says I should like there's a strong connection making me text him like he's waiting for me.
I feel afraid of talking to him again


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  • Make it more personal and push a button on your own end then, by Texting him on your... cell phone.
    And of course, no harm in going into the chat box while you are at it to say "Hi, how are you?" If you feel more comfy in doing this First, then go ahead. Facebook makes it easy for you to begin your beguine with friends or with with Exes.
    Good luck. xx

    • I don't have his phone number anymore, after he left me or walked out of my life he probably changed it and stopped using everything that we keep in contact with, besides facebook because he out of no where likes a lot of my stuff.

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    • Is it worth it?

    • Thank you, sweetie, and yes... it just might be but you will never know unless you give the guy a try. xx

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  • yeah... wot makes u afraid of? 8)

    • Being ignored? how he will react? What he will say? possibly being hurt again. Even though i haven't talked to him for almost 11 months and after 11months of being together

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    • if he treated u lke a crap... then y u should bother?

    • I don't know :( I cared too much and.. probably still do as much as I deny it.

  • Yes text him and tell him ur doing great

    • How should I start it up?

    • I was just thinking of u remember when and add a good time u had, and say to bad u didn't try harder to make it work

    • I don't know, on new years he talked he basically said he's better off with without me sounding like a real B**** and bragging about his girlfriend ( that was my ex bff that he hates too)

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  • do it then.

    • Why should I though, even though he's my ex?

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