Hurt her too much or she just wasn't that into me?

Was a serious relationship we had plans to move out. I think she expected me rondo more. I never really opened up too much we would just have sex then talk about me. She bitches randomly and would fight. She got distant those last 2 months and pretty much turned bitchy. Then went on to say she felt used etc .. all her friends hate me saying I'm using her whew too stupid to see it. Thing is I was used to her chasing me then after I hurt her I guess she stopped chasing. It was weird. She broke up called next day crying. Then got into some fights and she ended it for good. Parents were in the way.. she would of been cut off from everything completely we planned on moving but it was financially irresponsible when she had a full college ride with her parents. Parents a od they would never talk to her again either.
There were times I thought I was initiating too much..


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  • Hurt her too much.

    • She seemed even annoyed one time when I was trying to make her laugh.

    • Nudging me off.. I'll take to you later shit like that

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  • hu wait a min... her own parents won't talk 2 her anymore? confused...

    • No if she chose to be with me they would disown her.

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  • Her parents hated u not good


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