Why is my ex's mother being so nosy now?

She's made it clear to me that she wants her son and I to reconcile. He was the one who ended the relationship and him and I share a child. One day when she was coming to pick up my son, which is her grandson, she started crying and telling me how one of us is going to have to speak to the other.

It seems to me as if she's been the one pushing me to reach out to her son although he is the one in the wrong. Since the break up she's been trying to be nice etc. but when i've gone out to lunch with her all she does is talk about my ex and wait for me to say something and I dont.

So one day I had to call her to let her know I was gonna be a little late dropping my son off bc i locked my keys in my car and she was questioning me about every little thing. Since my phone was locked in the car I had to use a neighbors phone and she was questioning about that and even about who it was opening my car door. I could not get her off the telephone because she kept questioning the crap out of me

Then about a week later she randomly sent me a message on facebook, which has NEVER happened. I think she found me on FB and thought that if she sent a message I'd send her a friend request. What do you make of these


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  • She needs to BUTT OUT of your life and stop trying to force things between you and her son


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  • she's spying on you.

    • why though? Her boy is the one who ended it.

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