Should I break up with my boyfriend?

I've been thinking about breaking up with my boyfriend lately, not because I don't love him, but because I think he deserves a lot better than what I have to offer him. My parents won't let me see him all summer so all we can do is text and call each other. My parents won't let me go on dates with him so the only time I usually get to spend with him is when I'm at school. (which I'm now on a 3 month summer break). My dad told me to break up with him because he doesn't want me limiting myself to one person. The bottom line is, I want my boyfriend to be happy. But thanks to my parents, he doesn't get to spend hardly any time with me at all. I think he deserves way better than that. I feel like he should be with someone who can go have fun with him with little restrictions. I know he definitely won't want to break up with me. so should I break up with him? And how should I tell him? I want him to understand why I would be doing this and that maybe its for the better.
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Should I break up with my boyfriend?
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