Does anyone have a suggestion or advice?

So. I am in a relationship with a man who has become a drunk since his mother died last July. My car in which was paid off in full with cash started acting really badly so I traded it in and now, because he has money and said if I got the car he picked out, he will make the payments. All I had to do is use my old car as down payment. I have been working really hard the last 2 years to build my credit because I had none. My score now is only 657. The problem is I have to break up with him. The car payment is the only thing holding us together. I can not afford it and he is really mean now. We don't live together but he uses the car as a crutch. He talks really disrespectful to me in front of my children and is now doing stuff like keeping the car overnight and I've had to walk to work a few times. I'm thinking about taking out a loan to pay the car off but I don't know how that works. Will the loan payments be cheaper than the car payment? Or will car lots allow me to exchange the car for one with cheaper payments? I am a single mom and have always for a car outright at tax time for my cars.


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  • whoa wait... is yer car officially yer own or his?

    • I traded mine in for this one. It is in my name. He makes the payments and I pay the insurance

    • so 1/2 is urs or so

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  • dont get a loan!


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