Cheating boyfriends.

what are some signs that a boyfriend could be cheating on you?

and also.

what is some typical behavior that girls often mistake guys for cheating.

(ex. he no longer wants to have sex! most girls would take it as he's getting some somewhere else)


Most Helpful Guy

  • If he doesn't want to have sex that's a big sign. Also if he is quieter, doesn't want to kiss you, doesn't tell you what he did last night, the list goes on.

    But generally if you think they are cheating, they are.


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What Guys Said 1

  • The 'he no longer wants sex' clue only works in short term relationships in my opinion. Even then I would say most of the time he isn't cheating on you if his desire for you goes away etc.

    I would say the biggest sign would be aversion to your questions. Also, if he tries to make you tihnk you're crazy, that's a big one...If he wasn't cheating he wouldn't try to make you tihnk you're crazy.

    I kinda just rambled but my two cents...


What Girls Said 1

  • yeah, also if he starts accusing you of cheating (this can be a sign of his guilt he's trying to throw on u), can't really think of anymore, depends on the guy really, for some you won't even kno until the confess or something after. Chances are if ur really suspicious, then its happening.


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