How to get a girl back?

What are some of the steps of getting a girl back? I ask this because its the holidays and maybe its a good time to get someone back you know with the spirit of forgiveness and second chances and good will. Also there are lots of excuses to say for emailing or calling each other. I've never tried to get a girl back before so I don't know, Please help.


She broke up with me and gave many reasons

She said she wasn't ready for a relationship,

Spark was lost,

She didn't respect me because I didn't know what I wanted to do in my life at the time. (I have since figured that out)

Let me know of any info you may need


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  • Is it really a "spirit of forgiveness and second chances and good will"? If so, I hope my ex contacts me. :)

    Anyway, me being a girl, I would like to receive a beautiful card with heartfelt words. Maybe you can try that? Make it clear that things have changed. A card/letter has a longer-lasting impact than a call or email. Plus, if you call, what happens if you get her voicemail? I think mailing something would be best.


What Guys Said 1

  • You need to not care about he opinions on you at all.

    You should not look for signs or indicators of interest from her.

    You need to control your frame and manage your emotional state at all times.

    You should stick in situations with a lot of social pressure and social tension and be able to trust yourself to manage your emotional state in those times.

    She will be looking for your subcomunication and she will be very shallow, so you have to do it perfect, you can't flinch on your confidence, if you get too cocky then you lose, if you get too shy then you lose too. You have to be tune into the right frecuency.

    I would suggest to have good social momentum before interacting with her, like have a large female social base of interactions.

    If she sense insecurity, needyness or lack of joy, in your eyes or voice, you are doomed. You need to step up and really control how you feel around her no matter how hard she test you on it.

    The key is to be present in the moment and have fun (you), the chips will fall were they may if you stick with this.


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