Should I break up with my boyfriend?

I'm seeing that my boyfriend and I are fighting more. It's has become that every week we are fighting about something over a misunderstanding, and we never really seem to talk it over after we are no longer angry. I keep telling him my concerns, and that I'm tired of trying to fit things for us, or having us talk. He starts a fight, and then calls me crazy for somehow making it more than what it is. I tell him my opinion on a question he asks, and tells me my opinion is stupid and shit. I find myself wanting to break up. And I always feel scared everyday that we're gunna have an argument. I don't know what to do. I know that he's an amazing person, but then sometimes I wonder if he really is. I'm just afraid of what I will feel afterward if I break up with him. I don't want to feel lonely, and I wanna see that he actually cares about this relationship. When we fight, he tells me that he's no longer gunna argue over it and then leaves me hanging at words; always copping out. I don't know, I'm just tired of it all. I just don't wanna see that he doesn't care.


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  • yup... sounds like a jerk, and if u fight often better break up


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  • I was in the same situation, and we broke up this morning. I regret not making the first move.
    I thought of breaking up with him when I noticed that he was making our relationship unhealthy, but I chose to suffer a bit longer because I was expecting us to be just fine afterwards. I should have broke it off before he did.
    And you should too. Relationships aren't supposed to be all arguments. If he loves you, then he'll make an effort to get you back. The thing is, I don't know if this applies to all males but my ex told me this, you should let him miss you. Because if you make yourself too available, he'll take advantage.
    And don't worry if you find out he doesn't care after you break up, that only means you did the right thing, and he's not worth your love. Someone out there deserves it better.
    Be strong honey, no one can do it but you.

    • I went to break up, and he wouldn't let me do it. He wanted to give us a chance. I've never seen him so sad and hurt, expressing strong emotions before. We only argue when we text, because of miscommunication. Otherwise, we're fine in person. We eliminated texting, and will call or text instead. We're gunna also try to see each other in person more. We'll see if this will work for a week, and I'd it doesn't then we will end the relationship.

    • I guess that'd be fine too. Talking personally is so much easier and effective. Gosh, this is so much like the situation I was into. Too bad my boyfriend, er, ex gave up too easily.
      But since your boyfriend asked for another chance and he seems sincere, give it a shot. Good luck!

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  • Time to break up. If you're finding yourself scared that an argument can happen, then it's time. It's normal to have fights as a couple but if you're just anticipating one , then the relationship isn't worth it anymore

    • We're gunna try to work out our communication issue.

  • I went through the exact same thing with my last relationship. The longer I was with him the more unhappy I got. I would say to break up with him because at this stage the arguing won't slow down and no relationship is healthy if you argue allll the time. Yes, it'll hurt but it'll be for the best.

    • We're gunna try to work it out, and fix our communication issue.

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