Should I be there for him?

Sorry, long story. I met this guy at work. We hit it off right away, instant chemistry. I liked him and I was pretty sure he liked me too. He soon requested me on Facebook, and we talked through fb messages for hours. He was very sweet and before long started calling me his girlfriend. But he never let me into his life. I didn't have his number, his excuse was he just had an Obama phone, and used it only for emergencies. I never went to his house or met his family, his excuse, he lived with a family member that didn't want him having guests. I started thinking that maybe he was married, so I checked, he isn't. He said he wanted us to live together and had a house in the works for us. Suddenly, three months into the relationship, he changed. He picked fights over everything, and eventually broke up with me. I was devastated, I had fallen in love with him.

Turns out, I have a friend in common with his brother, so I ended up getting to meet him after the breakup. He told me of his brother's (my ex) problems that come from sexual abuse as a child. He told me about how he had told his mom all about me, told her that I was the most amazing person he'd ever met, told her he was in love with me. He said his brother is in a bad place. Getting drunk daily, in a downward spiral, quit his job suddenly, and said he knows he needs help. He said he needs me. I don't know if I can.


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  • yeah man sounds like u should... do u trust him?

    • Do you mean trust him to be around him? Yeah. He's a good person. Just extremely troubled.

    • yeah that's wot i meant

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  • You should definitely try. If it gets too much for you or he's not willing to help himself, take a step back.


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  • He sounds like he really needs you and is truelly in love with you but it's up to you depending on your feelings for him


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