Did my ex really forget about me or is he just trying to put a guard up?

My Ex and I dated for three years and it actually lasted most of my high school career. We broke up once before this and he got into a whole new relationship with arose a lot of mixed emotions within me. We got back together soon after he broke up with her. We dated for another 8 months u till he moved away for school and he broke up with me. He said he couldn't deal with a long distance relationship. I'll admit I was very angry and said some very rude things to him so I shouldn't have been surprised when he was being hostile... I apologized but he was so rude to me that I could tell he didn't accept my apology. Our break up ended badly especially since secrets of his started coming out and he started talking about his new life in his new school and the girls and etc. it hurt badly but I missed him so much. I didn't speak to him for 2 months until I decided to check up on him and see how he was doing. I know that this was the part of me that still cared about him. Anyways, he was very distant with me and I could tell he wanted me to leave him alone. Until finally he said, "honestly I forgot you even existed" which feel like someone was stabbing me in the heart. How could someone I love, someone I spent 3 years of my life, say something like that? I'm not sure why but I just felt like I was the bad guy and that I deserved it... We hadn't spoken since then but the other day I saw a picture of him and he looked so happy and I felt this overwhelming sense of anxiety. I miss him but I know that I shouldn't be with someone who makes me feel this way. It's difficult knowing that a person who knew all your secrets and shared so many memories with you is now a stranger... Any advice/similar experiences?


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  • I'm currently going through the same ordeal... my ex girlfriend of three years recently left me and shortly a week after started dating the guy that she left me for earlier in our relationship for two months then came crawling back to me.

    • What did you do about it? Did you completely ignore her?

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    • Seriously! We all deal with pain differently, I guess in our case, the people we loved just dealt with it by getting with other people. Which sucks! Sucks even more when they make you feel like a stranger... I still think about him and it's like 😩 like a constant reminder of pain

    • Well listen to this... I recently made a Facebook status that said "You will never be replaced, it was never real if so" and she liked it? Like why the hell would you do that why would you go out of your way to like my status when you're happy and moved on

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  • i doubt he forgot about you.

    • What makes you think so? And why is he being a jerk?

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  • guess he wasn't meanin it...


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