He broke up with me but is playing games?

We broke up a few days ago and he says he needs his space, which I understand. I sometimes let my emotions get control of me and text or call him. Yesterday I did and he responded but I regretted it immediately for not respecting his space so I didn't respond. He texts me today saying sorry for ignoring me yesterday but that he's not ready to talk. I wasn't going to respond again because I acknowledged he still needed that space. However, I did later in the night with a short response from him and my response. I don't think he'll respond.

LONG STORY SHORT- Why would he have contacted me today saying sorry for ignoring me but that he still isn't ready to talk? Just seems like a "HEY! I'm here still. Don't forget about me" kind of thing. Is he playing games and trying to reel me in? I realize that it sounds like I am too when I say this, but the longer I don't speak to him do you think he will try to contact me? This situation is just ridiculous. What should I do?


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  • Wishy washy guy

    • You think by ignoring him he'll try to contact me? I'm honestly unsure of what I want right now.

    • Also by ignoring his texts when he does text me. I totally should've ignored his text this afternoon.

    • Take some time for yourself to think about this guy

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  • Continue to give him his space. Live your life as you did before he entered the picture or even get into new activities. If you continue to push your way in during this time then he is going to pull the other way. Maybe to the point where he just disappears. If he takes too long, then he might need more than just space. That means its time to move on... sorry to say.


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  • ignore him!!


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