Is my recent ex playing games with me?

We broke up a couple days ago. He says he needs his space, and I understand. I don't know how to move on and stop letting my emotions get the best of me and contact him. I'm constantly thinking about what he might be doing, or even worse, who. I know I have no control over this and it is just torturing myself.

He seems to try to text me when I don't talk to him for a while or respond. But what he says just seems like he's making his presence known still. If he needs his space, why is he talking to me? It feels like he's just trying to see if I'm still here so that it makes it easier for him to move on.

I told him last night that I'm going to begin moving on from him. He immediately responded to my previous texts saying I needed to talk. What was this all about? Does he not want me to move on? I almost want to catch him before he does.

If I completely stop all contact after saying I'm moving on, what will he think? Will he try to contact me?


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  • I don't really know if you want him back or anything... but here's my two cents.

    He's not being congruent. He's asking you for space, but then continues to contact you when you don't.

    The reason for this is that he's having a hard time letting go, that much is sure. He's holding on to you till he meets a new girl.

    Ex partners usually act like this when the break up is still raw, which it is.

    I would tell him that you, personally, need space from him and could he please refrain from contacting you.

    If he's mature and considerate, he will. If he's immature and irresponsible, he won't.

    If he doesn't you need to be more stern, so call him up and tell him.


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  • guess so... but only if he's interested he'll contact

  • Penis penis penis ;\


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  • I've went through all this. Only difference was that my boyfriend asked for space and led me to the illusion that we'd speak again at some point.

    Days weeks and months passed by. Still not a peep from him. I was so hurt, if we ever saw each other in public, we never made eye contact.

    In October we started talking again. Nothing that even suggested there was ever anything romantic between us. He talks to me like a person he sees on the street now. Somebody who he could care less about really.

    To my despair, he met up with a new girl on Saturday there. A girl he's been flirting with via social media eg liking all of her Facebook pictures and Instagram photos. Seems that it's all paid off since they went on a night out on Saturday there. I was devastated.

    There's absolutely no way I can get him back now, he's just too far gone. Long story short? If you want thjs guy back and you don't want him to move on... am don't pretend in any way that you're gonna be moving on too.

    Even if he wants space? Set a time limit on it. And don't let him get away with not giving you a time eg a week, a month or 2 months. My ex never gave me a time... and I disappeared from his life for months on end. And now? It's too late :(

    Don't let him slip away like I have... id do anything to have him back.

    • And yeah, I totally get what you're saying with mental torture. That's what I'm going through right now.

  • yeah he will. and yes you should.

  • Block him. Problem solved.


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