I'm getting scared?

I was dumped 2 years ago and have been contacted by ex a few times just to basically rip the piss out of me. I changed my number due to abuse and thought it be best for both of us if we moved on was getting sick of the drama we are grown adults!!, he contacted me since then through a dating site! Then used another name to do it again the profiles where the same so didn't take much to guess who it was (this was few weeks ago) and yesterday someone contacted me via a messinging app asking for sex and nude pictures, same number as months ago but put it down to someone being stupid even though had thoughts it could be my ex. I just played along not giving much away and they blocked me as in before, due to before which was few months ago assumed person wouldn't have my number anymore. They kept things to few word answers I replied the same, they asked for sex i declined, then told me they fancied me when I replied you fancy me from one picture they blocked me. I'm getting scared I've tried facebook to do a number search it came back blank, im scared to go to the police for harassment (which I've proof of) in case it isn't him, I can't keep changing my number because it's my works phone. I don't know what to think. Do I go on instinct and think it's him using another phone or put it down to a loser that hasn't got anything else better to do?
And please don't type he isn't over me or still has feelings trust me he does not! Absolutely hates me 100 per cent sure. I've a feeling it's something to do with him because when tapped his number into messaging app to make sure he still had his his status had changed to something about being a crazy bitch, but of a coincidence because he'd never bother doing something like that. I'm scared he has my new number and this all starts up again I really don't want to be called ugly anymore
Sorry For the typos im shaking when typing, I meant was I typed his number into messaging app to make sure he still had his number.


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  • well dear , i read carefully your story and i kept analyzing it , and to be honest i had a similar problem but not that big , i've been with my ex 7 years but once she decided to walk away i saved my bride and honor my self i didn't contact or follow or run behind as much as i understood simply she's not into me and she like someone else so i think yes i don't have to come around maybe i just emailed her twice during 4 months break up which is not that boring thing then recently i believe she is gone so... about u its not a must that he is doing all this or honestly i will consider him as a man have no self respect i wonder why he follow u like crazy even though u not interested in him anymore this is not acceptable... if he have respect to him self i believe he will just do like me to do not contact u too much and just keep the weather calm between u both same as u dont wish to damage my memories with her by doing stupid things and keep clean contact between each other once we see each other by luck at least we still can say hi or smile to each other so i think u maybe need to report him if he really annoying u... sorry for talking to much but i liked to share mu experience as i been in the same situation but hell no i dont wish to annoy my ex i wish for her the best of luck even if she wasn't with me or for me i should be protecting her as a man not to scare her. even though i love her so much still but... i won't show and i won't tell i will let life decide it better without forcing her i let her completely to be free to make her life decisions correctly as she feel not as what i want selfishly. good luck and take care this guy u need to be rough and strong with him as much as he don't understand dont be afraid of kicking him.


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  • I would go to the police and get a restraining order as well


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  • Take the evidence to the cops and say you're getting harassed.


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