Do you have a crazy ex?

Do you have a crazy ex? What did they do? Are YOU the crazy ex? Discuss.


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  • I have had several. The one that stands out the most is a ex who wanted me to convert to southern Baptist so that we "could stay together". When I refused she broke up with me. She will still message me from time to time begging me to give it a shot. I firmly told her that it will not happen... then she went crazy...

    Started filing false police reports, false reports at the college I was going to at the time and starting slandering my name an online gossip sites. This went happened off and on for about a year until I decided enough was enough.

    I collected copies of every report she filed and compiled evidence that proved them false. I let it be known that I will take out t loan to hire the biggest asshole lawyer I could find to destroy her if I ever hear from her again.

    She retreated and I never heard from her since.


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  • Yes, but the last time I saw her was last summer. I think she finally let go... Thank god.

    • What are some things she did?

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    • Yeah... That's not even the crazy shit, but that's the last time I saw her... I ignored her and she physically ran into me to get my attention... Like she slammed into me from behind after I ignored her an walked passed her. lol

    • Now she's married to some poor sap... His problem not mine...

  • I wouldn't say she's a crazy ex, but she's a friend of my cousin who is bipolar and it happened a long time ago; like when I was about 14 to 15 years old.

  • thankfully not :|


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