How many exes do you have? Best breakup story?


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  • Its not the Best but here you go

    Years ago both my friend and I had a crush on a guy that lived around our school.

    A week later one of my male friends told the guy I liked him.

    The crush added me on Facebook and asked me out.

    I happily told my friend about it and she said "I don't believe you. Give me your password."

    I did and didn't bother checking my Facebook again.

    The next day I checked my Inbox to see a sent mesaage to my "boyfriend", "I am breaking up with you."

    He messaged back "Yean, well I have a new girlfriend now."

    I have 2 ex but doesn't count I guess since it was only texting nothing physical?

    I don't know.

    Relationship isn't for me. I like flirting.


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  • Hahahaha... 9!

    The best break up story was that I borrowed my boyfriend's jacket in high school and he being the idiot he was left his phone in it. I was showing my friend a text he had sent me the night before when I noticed a text to an unsaved number saying "please!!!" right below it. He had sent a text to another girl asking for a picture of her in her bra (while at work) and while texting me. I ended up setting the sim lock so he had to have it taken to Tmobile to use his phone, then I threw it at him across the concrete courtyard when he asked for it back.

  • I have like 3 or 4 I don't know.

    • You don't know? How are you defining an ex?

  • Never had a boyfriend in my life :) Just dates :)

    • I don't know whether to console or congratulate you. In which case, hopefully the dates were good.

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    • What an unbelievably stupid and rude man. Hopefully he sprained his ankle during the walk.

    • Funnily enough, I didn't cry.

  • just the one.

  • I have 1 ex

  • I have several exes.


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