Why did he say this?

I just remembered.. me and my ex happened to talk about us together. I don't know why. And he said "I don't wanna hurt you again. I don't wanna hurt your feelings again. I feel really bad. I'm not that good for you" and he added sad and crying faces with it. And when I last saw him last April at this event, we had a good time talking when we could but he got all sad and cried. And when he said those things, I was like "what? He hurt me?" thinking of everything


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  • he might have had some things on his conscience.

    • He might have had some things on his conscience?

    • Like he had a plan?

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  • Appreciate a guy that got the balls to tell you he's no good for you. My advice would be too look for something new and get over him. Going back to him will definetly hurt you, he's already warning you. You gotta know when to back out girl :)

    • Appreciate it? It will hurt me and he's giving me a warning like he's planning?

  • don't see how he was hurtin u though...

    • Me neither. I don't get it

  • Oh... why did you break up?

    • I don't think there was an actual break up. Neither of us said anything about breaking up. He was just having a hard time and his house wouldn't let him talk to me anymore

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    • I can't say with absolute finality because I'm not him but I wish you luck.

    • Ok. Thank you

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