Confused about a boyfriend.. Or should I say ex?

My boyfriend of five years and I were fine till I left for vacation.. I just get back he accuses me of cheating which is ubseard. We obviously had it out and he breaks up w me.. Im not sure if this is because maybe there is another girl.. Which I've asked and he says I don't know what I'm talking about but never no.. However he text me like six times a day still.. The text are angry he's really mad about God knows what.. Why would he leave me and then still text me all day. . Im so confused.. Help guys


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  • I'm 80% sure he cheated on you, just by his reaction to you asking him.

    Send him this:

    "I don't want to hear from you until you calm down".


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  • To be honest he sounds guilty. It sounds like something happened when you were gone. People who lie usually get angry when you ask certain things. I defiently would be Leary with anything he says especially if he gets angry or overly offensive when asked.

    • He wrote me this morning and asked if I really wanted to end I. He wrote again I don't.. Im legit to old to play games.. He text me all night 30 min to respond then Calle me babe etc. . I tell him im not gonna be ok and act like everything cool he calls me dude.. Like wtf.. After five years I'm not giving in period.. . I don't need this game and guilty now he said there is no one.. My parents didn't put the swing set that close to the house. . thanks for Ur response

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  • did u ask him y he's mad?

    • He says cause I'm unfaithful.. I have no idea where he got this information.. I have told him that's completely crazy and I don't cheat which I never have in any of my relationships.. but he just keeps going on and on.. I don't understand he's never like this. If we fight be usually is the first to say sorry as I am stubborn. But this is not like him at all

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  • he's confused.


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