Im confused help?

well at lunch today i was confused I don't know why but my stomach feelings and heart all acted up the same time telling me they were speaking of me i felt anger I don't know they looked serious talking my ex and ex friend i got into a arguemnt with my friend my ex and him are friends but I don't know we dont talk anymore but as for me i walked and saw my ex friend looked at me thats when they seperated i was hmh? I don't know why i feel like they talked of me and my ex he has a girlfriend i think i dont see them together anymore but he looks at me still my ex and well he always goes to a class everyday with her I don't know haha im not a creep but today it was werid he never does this he stood all lunch and day werid with his friends he doesn't hang out much with them but seems like he has probs I don't know anyways im just confused my ex awhile ago told me to move on on the phone but then few min. later he told me i was adorable and cute useing baby voice i was wtf? in my mind why is he doing this when he told me move on then he kept bringing the past? and then he heleped me he was holding me as i cried long story that day he texted me all day he doesn't text me? then he called me and i told him my life story and stuff he did tell me he was jelous of my friend haha..
  • confused bad
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  • i dont get the question...

    • hah ok look i just wanna know if my ex is still interested in me he has a girlfriend so i think I don't know anymore but lately he's been affectionate and stuff to me helping me but then ignores me again so im confused on what to do? if he even still wants me back as for my friend and my ex they tell each other things about me basically secrest about me to each other both of them are idiots sometimes men.. uh

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