Girls, I need some opinions?

So, I walked into the convention store yesterday and the was a girl I dated for a few months along with a number of family members. I walked out to get my wallet, came back in. Back story, I was super nervous as for I liked her a lot and she liked me as well, but not enough as for the was a confusing day of texting and she stopped talking to me. A few weeks later we made palms that she ended up canceling and never responded to me and I tried numerous times. This was months ago back to day. I went and got beer and went to the counter she was behind me and I looked at for sister and niece smiled but they gave me glares, I I decided to get out of there, turn around the other way and left not saying hi, there was no eye contact, as a side note I looked great draper I'd say. Today, I went back to the store and the clerk ask me better today, this is a place I go every day. I asked are you referring to the girls behind me yesterday, she laughed. She said there much conversation after I walked out and she said just smile , which I did. Is it weird that I didn't say hi, I didn't actually see her.


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  • Wait I'm confused. You saw her but didn't see her?

    • I knew she was there but we never actually saw one another. Meaning I saw blonde hair and made a really good assumption.

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