Fake cheating and you are involved just because of jealousy?

do u know when u are really victim and u had no clues or proofs to show and just let it be... this what happened to me from a dirty woman over age who were interested deadly in me and i told her nicely that i have girlfriend i love her and i am not dating or having sex with any other behind my girlfriend.. this ugly woman searched my girlfriend facebook the she found and spreaded her lies that i did and did and did while i didn't do anything, and absolutely my girlfriend broke up with me and refusing to listen to me.. i really don't know what to do but i can't accept someone dirty to involve me into something i never done really, she just playing a game of revenge and i dont even know her , i don't know how to fix while my girlfriend totally cut me off and really i didn't do anything.


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  • She didn't trust you, no point in being in a relationship where there is no trust

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    • you deserves it after thinking of ur word she didn't trust u , back to few years ago i found u were right she didn't trust me at all. u just helped me to touching one of the missed points thanks.

    • I'm glad I could help you :)
      My mum always says trust is the foundation of a relationship. If a relationship has no trust in it, then its bound to end because without trust and love you cannot live with that person

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  • Tell her the truth that that lady mad cause u didn't want nothing to do with her

  • give her time.

  • You realize she's playing a game so why are you still letting her get to you?

    • the other unknown woman i can't control her as much as i don't know anything about her so i don't know ger moves i never expect she will go on my FB finding my girlfriend telling her fake stories.. the problem is me and my girlfriend are victims for a big lie from dirty old woman who just want to get ajy guy to joy her.. while i refused her dirts so she insisted to involve me and walk away i dont know if she can find other guys can accept her dirts why she involve me and destroyed my relationship and she know well im clean person how really she can sleep while she's unfair for someone she just destroyed hislife for nothing he done.

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