Not sure what to do with my ex girlfriend?

I talked to my ex-girlfriend for 2 months now on the phone yesterday for the first time in 3 weeks. Everytime I get on the phone with her I try to be very nice, but we end up talking like we used to. Laughing and making jokes with eachother which I love. But on the downside for the past month on the phone, we've tried to meet up and it hasn't worked out, and she just ends up upset with me calling me names and not getting her own way. She told me yesterday that she thinks we left on a bad note and she apologized for what she said, I forgave her and said I was sorry too. She then asked if I was DTF (down to friend). She wants to be friends, which I would be ok with, but I still have feelings for this girl. I know she still has feelings for me or she wouldn't have contacted me all this time. The reason she broke up with me was becasue she wanted to be with other guys and "have fun", didn't want me to be the only person she was ever with. Which I kind of understand but, I feel like she just got bored of us. The idea of friends is really hard because I still have feelings for this girl, and I dont want to be that guy that says I still have feelings for you, but we can still be friends because I know she would take advatage of that, I dont want to be the guy on the back burner but I dont want to loose her. She asked me if I'd like to meet up in person, or just talk further on the phone, which ever works. I'm wondering if maybe I should ask her if she still has feelings for me, and if she says yes, she may say not romanticly though, which she has said over voicemail about a month ago, but I don't know if things have changed? I would like to be on good terms with her, but still have feelings! What should I do?


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  • tell her how you feel.

  • If you still have feelings then you can't do this yet. You're going to be hurt

    • Be friends or meet up in general?

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