My boyfriend broke up with me. What are the things I should do and should not do? How do I keep myself calm?

That jerk broke up with me, through text! We were (Or I think I was the only one) struggling with our relationship because he got so weird since we haven't met each other. We had more fights which lasted for days, and I tried to understand him and I tried to talk to him personally because he understands better that way. But today he finally said he wasn't seeing me. He texted me, "We don't need to see each other anymore. I know you're going to cry, and what happens when you do and I get carried away with your crying? Then that's not love anymore, that's conscience. So maybe it's better to just end this. Yes, I want to end this already."
I don't understand. I can't pinpoint his reason for giving up just like that. But to make it clear, I do not cry to win his sympathy. I am just really sensitive, and he should understand that. His sister told me that he got super addicted to this computer game and it's like he's making it his first priority, so I suspect that was the reason though I cannot be sure. But one thing's for sure, he is too immature.
But even with all those negative things I mentioned, I still love him. I cannot deny it. But I know I have to forget him even when it hurts, because I know it'll hurt more to hold on. What's hard is school's starting in a couple of weeks. We'll see each other again since we're just classmates. I don't know what to do. I can't keep myself from crying. His shirt is still in my closet, his pictures in my phone, his name scribbled in my notebooks, the letters we exchanged during class. He still likes my Facebook photos. I don't know what to do.
He finally told his sister his reason. He fell out of love. He says it's not love that he feels anymore, he only feels pity for me and that's why he broke it off rather than carry on. It hurts.


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  • guess it'd b better to ignore him, at least for now!


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  • Never be alone and do nothing.., erase this photos, nites and everything!!! Go running/walking , go out with your friends , flirt with other guys !!! Have fun!!! You are so young... Your whole life is ahead of you!!!


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  • be proactive, hit the gym, exercise, learn new trade, invest in your hobbies, focus on bettering your life in any and every aspect you want/can. then when you feel ready, start dating again.


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  • get rid of everything that has to do with him.


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