Dont you believe it is too hard to get back to someone after they have emotionally cheated on you?

no matter how much my ex boyfriend tried , i just couldnt be the same again , i love him a lot , he has tried hard to get me back , but everytime he calls me or textx me i would be happy at first then pull off , till he has gotten fed up , and now doesn't want to try anymore, i really regret that i couldnt get back to him sooner , i apologized and said i love you , but he said it is too late because he has tried for 3 months to get me to forgive him. I swear i couldnt, now he is gone, i really regret it , what can i do ,? , how do i get over the guilt?

ps ( he has left me before, but this time we were about to get engaged ;')


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  • sure... it's jard 2 get over it ;)


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  • Best to let it go. The history between the two of you seems rather shaky.

    • but i love him , do you think i will be able to move on? , there is another guy who has always liked me while this boyfriend abused me , i am thinking of giving him a chance , what do u think?

    • Yes I think you can move on. But I wouldn't just jump into another relationship so soon.

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  • Just leave him let him go why do u care he cheated on u didn't care about ur feelings why should u care about his

  • you should not go back.


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