Why is he doing this?

I dated my ex for 6 years. since the beginning of our relationship, almost everything was on his terms. We didn't date until he was ready, because he said he wasn't ready for a commitment. Fast forward to this year. Things hadn't been the best. I was wanting out of our relationship because I wasn't sure we were the best match, especially since almost everything we have done has been his way. I talked to him many times about me needing a break, and he would tell me I couldn't leave him because we were meant for each other, and he couldn't live without me. I ended up staying with him, because in a way I guess he convinced me that this was worth fighting for. I really do love him. Anyhow, so I got a job in a different city and we had talked about him moving with me. He agreed, and was all excited and so was I. We went to go look at rings and the whole deal. I end up moving here, and he dumps me not even three weeks into me being here! He gave me the worst excuses as to why it was over. I was heartbroken but I just kind of accepted it. Except he keeps doing things to confuse me. He calls my friends and asks about me, he has his friends prank text me to see if I'm dating anyone, he puts stuff on his Facebook talking about how much he misses me, etc. So I call him, thinking he wants me back and I get all excited. Instead he tells me, "yeah I miss you, but I just want to mature on my own, and then maybe down the road maybe we can meet again." The guys is 28! what the heck.This made me so mad because I feel like he led me on, gave me false hope. Why would he do this? I'm so hurt and confused. My response was, that I truly loved him, and wanted us back together, but since he doesn't want the same thing, then I have to move on with my life, which means no contact of any kind. I told him I would be changing my number, to stop calling my friends, or anything of that kind. I did end up doing all of that. I know its harsh but I guess that's the only kind of dignity I can take with me. My other question is, am I doing the right thing by cutting all contact?Please help, I'm just so hurt.


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  • Yes, you are doing the right thing. He is playing serious mind games, and every time you encounter this, the wounds will be re-opened. If you're ever going to begin healing and getting closure, it is best to cease all contact. Will it be hard? Of course but you have to look out for yourself here because he won't.


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