Looking for closure?

If you liked a girl for a year then finally talked to her and got slightly involved before leaving the country. Ran into her again three years later, and told her you never lost feelings for her RIGHT BEFORE you were leaving for a year, do you think you would be-

1. Looking for closure {Just to get your feelings out, so you can move on?}

2. You sincerely wanted her to know - no reason in particular.

3. You wanted her to know to keep you as a vague option or possibility for the future.

4. You just wanted to see want to see her reaction.

5. You're mad at her and you want to throw it in her face that if she had said something maybe something could have happened.

6.You want to trick her into saying something just to play a game.

Or what other sorts of reasons.. Is it suspect at such a late date- should one be weary?


Just curious... Why not ?And what sorts of reasons?

Thank you!
Gintrovert... He already said he did not want to have sex 'cause it would change things - though I suppose that could be reverse psychology.. The questions were possibilities... I am mainly interested in hearing other peoples .



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  • It could be everything in your list, plus he could just want to have sex and telling you what you think you want to hear... it all depends on the guy.

  • It could be a number of things.

    Personally If I knew I couldn't stay in the same area as you, I wouldn't have told you.


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