From lonliness to a popular person?

when she left me i was fat , ugly , and really i feel sorry for that guy i been him few months ago he was just living for her , and h she was everything in his life... today this guy changed to happy man sport body with six pack , kind still and stronger personality, and can't count how many girl's around him who really liking him the way he talk , he sing , he look , he write poems , and he is true friend with clean heart.. and successful in his life.. he just wanted to say to his ex.. the day u broke me down is the day i started to raise up , i still keep u in my heart , but im not the same guy u used to know, today im going upinmy life fast like rocket, today i have nothing to feel shy or shame today i became what i dreamed to be and i no longer need to look to muscled guys photos and wosg to be like them because i became on of them.. i didn't use ur break up wrongly i used it right worked hard on my self n.. all my anger , sadness, depressed feeings i exchange it to success... and if there was 10000 girls around me today im still single and still loving you.. as u said one day love is unconstitutionally im saying it to you today love is conditionally.. to respect to be honest to believe me and in me... and give me time to think how i can accept you back , and to be patient and if u can't wait im not sorry to let u go if u can't understand that i am a man enough to respect so.. u can go.. and i will continue going up m today i healed my heart.. today i am myself and today i can say it clear if u can't follow my word what i say it from now on.. so no need to be with me i do love u but i like my girl ti listen to my word from now on.


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  • Forget her, she didn't want you back then why would you want her now? Do you really want someone knowing they want you only because you superficially changed? Sure you might look better and not as depressed, but still. If she loved you she would have stuck with you to try and help you out of the rot that you were in. Leave the past where it belongs, in the past.

    • i don't mean to want her back if u read between the lines u know im telling her i do love u but impossible to back becuase she will never be the way i want and i won't accept her back on the way she is.. i just wanted her to know the loser is not anymore loser.. and if there was someone will regret it won't be me today thats all.

    • why do you feel the need to show her this or rub it in her face? It's just immature.

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  • Rock on! This is how you heal your heart and soul.

  • from bullied to a beast is me :P

    • better to call it.. from nothing to something :)

    • from nothing to bodybuilder that beat the shit out of all the old bullies :P

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