Afraid of controlling/emotionally abusive x? (Details)?

I was with my ex for around 2 months, we knew eachother before that though. He was very controlling, emotionally abusive (calling me every name underthe sun just for doing silly things like not replying for 10 minutes). Anyway, cut a long story short, I broke up with him and I changed my number when he started being physically threatening towards me, like saying he will punch my teeth in etc. He doesn't have my new number and nobody he knows does. Anyway I had to privately call him about some of his stuff I still have at mine, he didn't want it back so thats good I dont have to see him. Anyway, I recently found out he's on bail for punching his ex in the face because he found out she cheated on him. I left soon after finding out.
The problem is, I am scared. He said on the phone he won't do anything and he just said that because he was angry (for no reason again).. but I am scared, although he doest have my new number, he knows where I live and where I work. Im scared he might come for me, or something.. I just want to move on, I dont want him and I certainly dont miss him.. I just dont know what he will do.. I am just glad I got out before things got physical.


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  • You need to get a restraining order on the guy and reach out to your local police department. You also need to notify your family and friends so they can keep an eye on you. Also, you need to completely cut off all contact with him. He is going to say and do anything he can to get you back and it's best that you avoid all contact with him because of that.

    • He can't contact me. He doesn't have any new details. Just worried about him coming to my house or my work place :(

    • You need to take every action you can to protect yourself against him. Get off your computer and head to your local family law department or local court house so you can start the process of obtaining a restraining order against him today. The worst thing you can do is sit around hoping that nothing will happen.

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  • Get the police involved. Get a restraining order. Don't respond to his calls or messages.

    • He doesn't have my new number, he can't contact me. I am just scared tbh. I don't want to be to dramatic to get a restraining order.. I don't know. I've never been in this situation before

    • Better safe than sorry. Get a restraining order so that he can be arrested if he comes anywhere near you. With his priors, it should be no sweat.

    • Fair enough to be honest. Thank you for the advice

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  • Why would a dude hit a women that is just fucked up. I would not worry about him unless he comes up to your house or your work. Just try not to think about him and move on with your life. find a nice guy who will give you everything under the sun.

  • Yes he sounds very controlling and abusive, you better off without him
    and you deserve much better than him , And i have no use for men who
    hit women. I hope you can put this behind you and move on !

    • Thank you :(.. x

    • Your welcome :D
      makes me want cry when a guy
      hits a girl :( Why? Females are the
      most beautiful species created :)

  • can't u just block his #?


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