My boyfriend told me I am rubbish in bed, was I right to dump him?

So we haven't even had sex get we got together 25th may had two dates so far. An he wanted sex both times. After slightly romancing with country park walk an then second date buying some flowers.

He said he has been single a year an basically only had one girlfriend. So he seems more inexperienced in dating then me like not knowing how to do proper going out dates. An wanting to stay in first until he's comfortable but staying in doesn't mean jumping straight to sex then dates after. After first date it was dark 10pm at night an he drops me around corner from my home. He keeps relationships a secret till their serious also. I text him saying we aren't working before he insulted me. But glad I did now as he said But why are u this rubbish and scared in bed, can u be better or not? I am a Virgin an he acts like this with me after two dates. Like no wonder I am not willing to give it up he seems so selfish

He even said he would end it in anger last time I saw him cus of not giving sex then he said sorry etc.
He said either you change from being childish or not up to you
He said I either change from being childish or not it's up to you


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  • Seems to me like you did the right thing. A lady like you deserves a lot more respect than what this guy showed you. Actually, I don't think he showed you any!!

    You are so right. A lady needs to be courted and romanced. She needs time to let her trust in the guy grow. Trust has to be earned, it isn't given automatically in the first date.

    Any decent guy will go at your pace, just as far as you feel happy and safe. Never be pressured into doing something like losing your virginity too early. It is something you could regret if that happens.

    Take good care, stay safe!!


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  • You are so sensible to dump him. He sounds like a loonietune darling. Wait for someone who you feel comfortable with :)


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  • Technically, he seems to just want a "masturbation companion", using you or anyone else he could get into it. Clapping hands for you dumping him. Jerks match bitches, not good women.

    Love yourself and be more confidente, dear. There are just thousands of people just around the corner: some could surely be a good match for you.

    • Doubt he tried anyone else tbh. That's not the situation. I do love myself an have confidence that's got nothing to do with my question

    • Just mentioned this because of your words "None ever will" (in the other comment, about a decent guy coming to you). Now, I kind of liked the strength in this new comment: that's the way! :)

    • It's just a phrase not to be taken so seriously lol people who know me know how I am as a person thanks anyway

  • Yes you are right you should wait for a decent guy who will respect you.

    • None ever will πŸ’”

    • You never know what will happen in the future.

  • rofl. so your a virgin and your pisssed at him because he dumped you because he wasn't getting any and told you so?

    • No I ended it actually as explained in my question title. Someone's making their own stories up

    • ok. so your a virgin and your pissed your ex boyfriend told you your shit in bed even though you never had sex. so you dumped him.

    • Can't be shit if we never did it. An we trying to work things out. Thanks anyway for your comments shows type of guy you are

  • how can you be rubish in bed if he hasn't gotten any? that just makes no sense

    • Exactly but that's what he said

  • he isn't! he's only interested in the sex... and once you give it to him... you'll just be another conquest under his belt.

  • Sounds like you made the right choice. by the way, you're hot.

    • Thanks don't feel it right now 😒

    • You are. Trust me when I say you got a rise out of me when I looked at your picture.

  • Omg Shan I'm
    So sorry :(😭

    • He was joking lol but yeah gonna see what happens.

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    • Well I'm still not over that particular one but I'm just trying to move on and forget.

    • Lol ok then

What Girls Said 4

  • If he's insulting you dump him. you deserver better.

    • Yeah can't get it out my head

  • He's probably just frustrated after not fucking any girls after a whole year.

  • trust me!.. you deserve someone better

  • Yes wtf he sounds awful


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