Ex is still on my mind, how to move on?

We live in the same apartment complex. Luckily she is normally in her room all the time but i have seen her a few times since we broke up which was almost 2 months ago. She said that he does not ever want to speak to me again, she deleted me off of facebook but didn't block me like her sister did. I was doing so well trying to move on I started to exercise and go out with friends. Yet I saw her last week and she tried to fuck with my life. Every since then I just broke and have been sad because I love this girl but she wants nothing to do with me. I know she is sad and I dont know if she has gotten over me yet. She probably has though and probably found someone else. How do I get over her? When I am alone She constantly crosses my mind, we were dating for almost 2 years. I got her a promise ring ( i know it is childish) she wore it on her left hand ring finger. I just don't get how she moved on so quickly but still gets upset when she sees me. How do I move on?


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  • It's hard with a sticky situation such as yours here, dear, because with you both living in the 'Same apartment complex' and you not even beginning to lick your war wounds yet, it Is going to be hard when you run into one another.
    Try and avoid This at any cost. Stay clear of her and don't let her fruck with your life or get a chance to. I imagine she still has a few wounds of her own that are healing, being you both were together this long.
    It will be normal for her to get uptight when she runs into you. You both shared history together and she probably is Missing the Kissing.
    For now, stay away and if it is meant for you both to end up as friends in the end, living in the same building may be the way to build this foundation and even Rebuild... another relationship, who knows.
    Next time you do happen to cross paths, don't let on this bothers you and play this guy who is doing just fine... it might get her to thinking of what a good catch she lost and get her attention to have realized just what she lost.
    Good luck. xx


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  • The short answer 1: find another love. You're young. Sometimes, it's a shit and love hurts when it is broken, but the pain will diminish as time goes by.

    The short answer 2: focus on your studies, career, sports, spirituality, everything that may lift you higher and busy, avoiding the thoughts about her (yea, they may still remain for a longer time, but they will not drag you down like they're doing now, and someday you will be able to even talk to her, if it is the case, and not be down for it).

    Love yourself more: you will overcome it.


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  • distract yourself.

    • I've been doing that but it does not help

    • I exercise excessively so I am distracted just to not think about her.

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  • guessby seein other gals :)


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