Should I just let my ex contact me?

He broke up with me almost 4 months ago and I got really emotional and tried to contact him and he would ignore me so I finally gave up. But now he is contacting me after a month of no contact and I'm afraid to text him first because I don't want to seem needy or make him think I'm going to be bugging him.


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  • Certainly a touchy situation. I broke up with a girl in June, many years ago, and didn't speak to her again for over a year. I started missing her and realized what I had with her in the past and at the time regretted breaking up. I contacted her and we were just like old friends talking and texting. She lived 1200 miles away so we didn't hang out or anything. We both dated other people while we talked since we weren't in a relationship and we're just friends. I have since moved on and I am a happily married man so it all worked out for the best. If you feel you should contact him go ahead and do it but just speak in general terms for example an email that reads "you can call me sometime if you would like to talk". Not my best work but hopefully you get the idea of what I am saying. Good luck!

    • Also he has told me that he loves me, and also said that there are too many people who love each other and are not together and doesn't want that to happen to us.

    • Like I said it's a sticky situation. Do some soul searching and follow your heart. If you get back with him and it doesn't work then at least you tried. If you don't feel it is a good idea then do what you can to move on.

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  • Let sleeping dogs lie now here, dear. You have begun to lick your war wounds and Texting him again will only stab and jab your heart that is still very fragile.
    I believe he is Missing the Kissing now and probably wants you back in his life. However, I am not saying as a guy who wants to be hooked a at the hip with you but instead a Friends with benefits factor that he wants now where he can have his cake and it too.
    As far as I am concerned, this little doggie is barking up the wrong tree.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Nope nope nope. Oh don't do it.
    I don't know what happened between y'all but you were DUMPED. Then you reached out (prob more than once) and you were REJECTED. Stop hurting yourself.

  • dont talk to him.


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