Does it mean anything that he's been flaking on me but then actually made sure to show up this time around?

My ex flaked on me twice (he'd apologize a few days later usually) and will sporadically text me asking what I'm doing and that he misses me and I was starting to give up on him because he'd never reply back to me. Then I ask him again to hang out and he came an hour late. Now he made sure to update me when he was going to be late so I appreciated that but is this person worth it? He also said we should hang out again but I haven't heard anything from him since. Also I have a feeling he's getting back into drugs so I'm worried. I do care about him...


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  • guess he likes u no?


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  • He doesn't appreciate your time. He showed up an hour late and he's relying on you to make communication.

    Sure, he apologizes, but it sounds like he's playing that dumb game that some people play--that he's rejecting you to make you more into him.

    And if he's getting into drugs, why do you want to be back with him?


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