I wonder how my ex feels. Do you think there's a chance we will get back together?

Okay so he broke up with me about a week ago. Before that he was acting distant but he said sorry and that he loves me so much. He even was talking about having kids. The next day we talked and everything was normal but then we went to the park and he broke things off. Saying he doesn't feel the sane anymore. He was crying too. I know lately he's been having family problems so I don't know if that can relate to anything. He updated fb saying well I'm single now with a confused emjoi i saw that so I posted a status that said hmu I'm single now he got mad and deleted me. After he saw my post he posted hmu and that he is single on snap chat he then deleted it shortly. Later that night he sent me a friends request but then he cancel it. His friend posted a picture o f them and he looked like he had been crying all night. We haven't talk since the breakup which was a week ago. I miss him so much I think about him all the time. I wonder if he misses me. We dated for 1 year and 8 months.
And before he broke up with me I asked him what's wrong because he seemed sad he was like nothing then he was like I've just been thinking about us. Then he tries changing the subject but I brought it up again. He was holding my hand and kept calling me babe and he was crying. then he broke up with me


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  • I'm sure he does miss you. There must be something terrible going on in his family. He could've broke up because he doesn't think he can give you the attention you deserve


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  • I think so, try talking to him.

    • How long should I wait tell I talk to him?

    • A week or so.

    • I'm kinda Hesitate. I don't wanna seem clingy

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