What steps can I take to get him back?

My ex and I were together for 2 years and live together. He broke up with me and has not been initiating contact since the break up which was 2 months ago. Has he forgotten about me? Should I bump in to him? Remind him I exist! I miss him so much


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  • not to sound harsh but he broke up with you. if he doesn't want to make a effort no amount of reminding him will change his mind. he sounds like he has no intention of comming back.

    • He was the love of my
      Life and I completely messed up.. There has to be some way to get him
      Back or
      To try..

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    • We were at the same red light this morning and I didn't notice him and so he honked and waved and I froze and looked straight ahead and didn't do anything... The fact that he was honking must be good?

    • he is trying to friendly, at least wave back, otherwise it makes it sound like you were the bad guy for not waving.

      it looks like he is leaving the door for comunication open but dont push things or try and rush him.

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  • Just because two people Break up doesn't mean they can't and don't Make up and that it's Goodbye, my love forever. And with an "EX" who still Marks his X in your own softie spot here, dear, there may come a time, especially hen down the line, you both have shared '2 years,' memories and... History as well.
    It's only been '2 months' so with breaking up, you both have and are taking this time to and space to explore. Many times couples who have called it off, find they are Missing the Kissing and end up... Eventually speaking.
    Keep up what you are doing, regardless if anything ever happens. You are showing me you are off to a great start in moving on and being motivated. Do it for you, whether he comes around or not, because You are the most important person in your own life right now.
    I am seeing that out of the '2 months' that within this month you both had been in contact. It's your choice, your call, you could always text him a simple "Hi, how are you?" and see if he replies.
    It may never be the Way we were but someday, if anything, you both may just end up as friends. I would not suggest the Ones with benefits, this is just a case then of him having his cake and eating it Too and... Chew.
    Good luck. xx

    • The last time we texted was a month ago to get some of My stuff back and I had a guard up and was cold, but I was just hurting so much at the time. The a week ago we were at the same red light and he honked and waved and I kept looking straight in front of me and never looked over. I couldn't look at him.. It was too painful. I feel like I am giving him
      Signs I don't care about him but surely after 2 years he must know that I love him and that I am just hurt he left me? I will never give my heart to another like I gave mine to him. He was truly the love of my life and when I told him I would never want anyone else he told me that it may be my pain to carry. I wish I could just know either way if there's a chance but I'm scared to contact him.

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  • Ask him if he'd be interested

    • I'm afraid to reach out.. He hasn't true to contact me and if he wanted to wouldn't he contact me?

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    • Thanks! If I were to message him.. What would be a good way to phrase it without freaking him out?

    • Keep it simple and cordial. Like "hi I was thinking of you and just wondered how you are."

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  • If he broke up with you then he's the one who has to come back to you and not the other way around. If you do anything then you'll come across as desperate and clingy. I've had a ex try to come back to me multiple times and it has never ended up good because if I wanted him back I would have contacted him first. Every time he'd crawl back I'd feel sorry for him and not in a good way. It was like he couldn't live without me and that pulled me away more than bringing me closer. If you want a serious shot again you'll need to back away and live your life. He'll contact you if he think he has made a mistake.

  • he's broke up with you, move on...

  • You don't have to change yourself to appeal to a guy.
    No one is perfect!
    I would actually run for the hills because he obviously made you feel like crap or you wouldn't be changing!

    • Wasn't changing to appeal to told me I was beautiful just the way I was and I rejected that. I had a hard time believing him. I was in a bad relationship before him and had some baggage I carried into our relationship. I am doing the things I'm doing to be the happiest version of myself so that I don't make the same mistake

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