Is it true? Should I believe it message him or what?

I woke up this morning realizing I had a dream about my ex, telling his regrets and his feelings towards me. And lately I haven't been thinking about him or had feelings for him


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  • This is a creative way to trick yourself into chasing an ex. Of course it's ridiculous and entirely in your own head. Ignore it and move on. ASAP.


    ~ robby


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  • There's no reason to contact him. Dreams are dreams. It really doesn't mean anything special.

    • But people say, if you dream about someone it means their thinking of you?

    • That makes no sense on any sane level. It's a myth.

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  • If dreams were true, then the things would have worked very differently in this world.

    Contacting him or not is left to you, but that decision shouldn't be based off your dream.


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