Friend of my girlfriend she ruining her life reached damaging our relationship because of?

well , i don't know how to start but it seems unusual situation that my ex girlfriend she keep listening to her friends specially one of them she look like snake , this girl somehow a type of depressed girl who really need to check a psychological or mentality doctors.. by indirect way she kept effecting on my girlfriend by her words and her fantasy ugly style , that girl been married to a good man and she divorced in very short time under the rule of " i wanna live my life freely " which is not able to be a wife for anyone , i adviced my girlfriend to stay away from this wrong person but somhow finally ended by cutting me off too without any tiny reason can be mentioned, my eg easy listening to others and this problem i can't fix she had no self confidence unless im beside her i keep convincing her and give her more courage about handling and facing the the things better tan giving up but this friend of her keep damaging every thing i build why this snake girl doesn't want go away from us? what the hell she want from my girlfriend and when my girlfriend will understand this girl is destroying her life? i can stop this girl by my way forever but i still dont want to do any stupid action. how to solve this problem in peace?


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  • give her an ultimatum.


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