How do I get my boyfriend back or can I?

My boyfriend just broke up with me 2 days ago and I am hurting like crazy. I can't eat, can't sleep, always want to talk and text him, and etc. (all the usual things that you want to do when you break up). The thing is that we have been together for 5 years and and lived together for 2 and a half years. He told me that it was not me and that it was him. He's not happy with his life right now because he's always working and having to support me because I go to school and work part time. He said he needs space and tells me not to wait for him because he's not sure how long that will be. He says that their is no one else that he's seeing and I believe him. I'm also afraid that one day he might find someone or I catch him with someone and its going to have to be okay but I'm not willing to let that happen. He said he still cares and loves me just not the way he use to. I'm broken into pieces but how do I go about this? I can't move on or at least I don't want to and how much space is enough? And should I move out back to my parents house or sleep in the extra bedroom that we have because its also my apartment as well? I want him back badly but stuck as what to do? People I've talked to said he'll come back around once he realizes that he really does miss you but do I believe them? I feel like I lost him but don't want to look at it that way and thinking that their is hope. Please help me with my situation as it keeps getting harder for me everyday!


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  • He could be telling the truth and he could not be. Unless your name is on the lease and you are paying rent, you should probably move back in with your parents. It will make it harder for him and you if you stay in that building.

    You probably shouldn't contact him overly much. Move your things out and give him his space. Maybe if you both use the computer a bit and he is on your messenger/MySpace/Facebook, you could try to contact him once in a while (probably no more than once a week).

    Maybe he feels you are a little too dependent on him. Maybe he is not happy supporting you, although if it is a serious relationship (or heading towards marriage, although I think you both might be guys) it probably shouldn't matter. If you are close to your degree, finish it. This may be quite a factor in it. Also, it is hard for people to live together sometimes, especially if you are not use to sharing everything with someone else.

    Move out and if you guys are still on friendly terms, you could ask him if you could start the dating phase again (after a month or two). If he says no, leave it be. Refrain from talking/emailing/texting him often. After you move out, you could do so like once a week, but every day would definately be overkill.

    Keep the channels of communication open; however, if it is meant to be and he truly wants to be with you, he will probably tell you before too long. Stay on amiable terms and don't push him.

    I hope everything works out. I had a bad break-up before and it affected me for a while. But, looking back on it, I realize it was for the better. The guy was kind of self-centered and a cheater. Now looking at my wonderful husband, I think that break-up was one of the better things that happened to me.

    I wish you good luck with this and hopes everything turns out well for you.


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