I have depression. How can I deal with rejection from a guy who then dated my friend?


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  • First, try to take a moment and accept the problem for what it is: you are personalizing the actions of someone else.
    Which means you are feeling a bit sensitive/lacking confidence in yourself and everything that is good about you.

    Did he know you were into him?

    If he knew you liked him, then went after your close friend, he is an insensitive person. If you are just associates with your friend, the guy is just doing what he does and it shouldn't bother you.
    In any case, the fact that it is bothering you about you indicates you aren't taking of you properly. :) try to remind yourself how awesome you are.

    • She was my friend of 14 years

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  • By realizing he wasn't worth your time. I mean, who does that except a total douchebag? I guess you only like him because of his looks, because it doesn't look like you're missing anything interesting personality-wise.

  • the most effective thing is to keep occupied with the things you enjoy doing, you have to keep you mind occupied for a few weeks and it will eventually go away, also, it's not rejection, it's just there wasn't a connection, it isn't bad as it appears to be

    • He ended things with me because of my depression. She told me he would have wanted me if it hadn't been for depression.

    • Your depression isn't a flaw, it's just something to make you stronger, the thing is, you have to move on from that now, don't give that power to someone else, don't wait for that person, work on yourself, but do it for you

  • Do what everyone else does, say fuck that shit and forget about him.


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