Whenever we fight, his apologizes don't seem sincere?

So whenever me and my partner fight I'll send him a paragraph about what was wrong and what could've been done to avoid the fight but all he says "I'm sorry, I understand or a sad face" but when he does something to a girl he sends he paragraphs about how "he's so sorry and how it's unfair to hurt them" and all that crap. He's more sympathetic towards other girls than me...

i really don't know what to do. I don't want to feel like I'm not cared About.
When I mentioned it to him his response was "I don't know what you want me to do. I am engaged in the conversation and I'm sorry that I'm not saying much. I don't have much to say cos I know I messed up and I'm not sure what else to do to show you that I'm aware of my mistakes "


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  • I don't think a lot of apology's are sincere, people just say it so the other person feels better, pretty sure that's way more common in men, just to get the woman to shut up and to make us feel better lol. To me it's more about how someone treats me outside of an apology, if they continue to hurt you in the same ways then I wouldn't waste my time in the situation anymore.

    If he apologizes differently to other people then he does to you then he probably doesn't agree with what he's apologizing for when it comes to you or he doesn't care enough about your feelings.


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  • What do you mean by "but when he does something to a girl he sends he paragraphs about how "he's so sorry and how it's unfair to hurt them"? Can you give an example of a time he did this, why he did this, etc? Like how is he hurting other girls that he's sending them apologies?

    • Okay well one time we broke up he started talking to another girl and that we worked with and I said something to the other girl and he texted her this huge paragraph saying she didn't deserve it and how sorry he was. He told her he was embarrassed I said something to her and he wished he could've avoided hurting her feelings.

      With me we fought and he was like I'm sorry i don't know what else you want me to say because if I send you a long paragraph it's never good enough for you. Which makes no sense because I never get one. It just hurts because he treats other people better and I can't sit around a get hurt. I decided to just block him and try to ignore it butvhe invited me to his sisters wedding so I'm driving myself there and home not even going to talk to h

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    • And block his number because I can't argue with him anymore. His sister sent me an invitation to the wedding and he's in the party so I don't even want to see him. she is sitting Us Next to each other which is just going to be awkward. I don't know I just don't understand why with me he seems like he doesn't care

    • Ok, you caught them flirting, so you said what to her? If you were broken up with him, why would you have anything to say to anyone he was flirting with?

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