What to do when you get back together?

If you and your ex get back together after about a year do you ask how many guys has she been with since? Do you even want to know or care? How do you not get p*ssed knowing she was with another guy?


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  • You either don't ask, or you appreciate that she was single at the time and free to do as she pleased. She doesn't have to sit around all year waiting for you to come back. Everyone has a right to go out and see/sleep with other people if they break up with an ex, and besides, you didn't know you were gonna get back together anyway.

  • I don't see why you would get p*ssed if she's been with other guys, since you guys BROKE UP, so she had no obligation to stay committed to you, and if you were that afraid of her being with other guys, then you should have stayed with her. If she was the one that did the dumping, the fact is that you two were still BROKEN UP - which means "not comittted" she could do as she pleased. I'm sure since it was a year that you guys weren't together that she has been with, or at least kissed another guy. If you don't want to know because you think it'll hurt you too much, it's simple: just don't ask.


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