Would u break up with your boyfriend for these reasons?

He was older about to start his career. He has hurt you a lot of times. He was always dominant one and did whatever worked best for him. Parents hated him along with friends saying he's arrogant and cocky and just using you and your too stupid to see it. You start sneaking around like twice a month waiting till the day u move out together afterm he gets into his career in 8 months.

You don't see him showing affection still.. you can't communicate these feelings.. you just let it be. In return you attempt to get his attention different ways.. harmless jealousy.. when he doesn't reach you start acting indifferent and frusterating. You start acting lile you dont care stop opening up. Theb he notices the distance.. and starts acting distant with you. He starts accusing you of cheating.. you accuse him of messing around too. He would make efforts he and there to message you here and there but it seemed to always be about him or just mindless or emotionless flirting. You lash out here and there.. hoping he will get the hint but theb you act like you don't care anymore and nudge him off. He didn't talk about serious plans or keep you updated on the move or plans. He was out with the guys drinking seemingly having a good time.

You break up on your brithday 2 weeks before the move. He acts sad and says no contact and I guess this yur decision after he tried to convince you to stay. he even asked if there is someone else. You said fuck you with no hesitation. Cried the next day asking for him back saying I want you but want my mom too..

He rejected you for your own good yet asked for you back. Then proceeded to ask for you back. He has a setback in his career found out he's dealing with a lot with health in the family and stress. You still go no contact and wish him the best saying there's too much damage done. You thought he had already had sex a week after the breakup with someone else due to social media.

I guess what I'm asking is did she really just lose interest because I wasn't good enough or she was just torn and made the right decision. There was a point where she even sounded annoyed wheb I was talking to her but again it was avout me and mindless emotionabless flirting. I didn't show her attention or affection the way I wanted because I didn't feel comfortable enough with her games and all.
She even made a statement a month later when she was all mad saying I used her and made her feel worthless. She said my career won't make enough money fr her. Says she wants a high class life style and I'm sorry but that just doesn't do it. Really killed me and to this day I don't know if that was true. 22 years old 74k a year isn't that bad. It's her first year of college. She even mentioned one time when I made a comment saying I'll make more than your parents saying its not just the money.
I was unprectible at the end said I was moody the stress just got to me I lost my composer


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  • it's hard to say for sure...
    but she did have some valid reasons...
    sounds like you may have dodged a bullet though...

    • Why say that. Dodged a Bullet

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    • That was my end question and u said is hard to say.

    • i didn't agree to either of those things. thats why i said it's hard to say for sure whey she broke up with you. she might have lost interest, or maybe she had some other reason. it's really hard for us (who aren't involved) to give you a for sure answer... but i still think it's for the better for you. and you'll be happier without that kind of negativity :)

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  • you were was acting like a prize prick. you hardly showed her enough affection.

    obviously too focussed on his career, partner was just after thought.

    she did love you but, you kept pushing her away. thats why she left

    • Could you argue she was acting up too. I sware it felt like I was she was neglecting me too.

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  • My ex of three years did me like this man, she's already with another guy too she said that I left her emotionally broken and told me that she's happy with this guy... I'm trying to move on but it's hard man

    • It's tough brotha I swear it killed me I'm a tough guy but it nearly broke me. they say time helps but I don't see it happening anytime soon

    • What did you do

    • Not what I did it's what I'm doing.. I fucking hate myself right now I lost my career and her at the same time. It's taking everything I got to push on everyday

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